About us - ua.Biologic.tv
Biologic.tv is the first trading platform in Ukraine that offers a full range of certified organic products, as well as warehouse and logistics services for manufacturers.
The Biologic.tv project was founded in 2015 by the French entrepreneur Claude Exbrayat with the support of European investors.
Today Biologic.tv provides about 3000 types of certified organic products in Ukraine: food, drinks, alcohol, fresh food, cosmetics. Most of the products are imported: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic - the main countries of origin for organic products. Ukrainian organic products are also part of the assortment, but, unfortunately, their share is only 10% due to the lack of suitable products.
Thus, Biologic.tv provides the most complete range of certified organic products in Ukraine. Our clients include such large hypermarket chains as Auchan, Megamarket, Silpo, Spar, WineBureau, as well as large online stores such as Rozetka, Makeup and more specialized organic stores. As distributors, we also work with pharmacies, Horeca, international companies.
The staff of the Biologic.tv project is a team of highly qualified specialists who value their clients. Without them, the Biologic.tv project would have been extremely difficult to realize and it would have remained a dream.
In addition, thanks to its unique experience, biologic.tv provides a number of services to suppliers of organic products: storage, logistics, consulting for local producers, and those planning to switch to organic production in Ukraine - investors, farmers, managers.
The website www.biologic.tv presents the full range of certified organic products available on the market today.
In addition, we strive to support the organic sector as a whole, so we are always happy to take part in events related to this direction: exhibitions, tastings, general actions aimed at promoting the organic lifestyle, presentations at forums and conferences, etc. C.Exbrayat regularly speaks at events organized by the media and various institutions and shares his experience and love for organics.

"Eat Different. Eat BIO."

One of the main goals of the project is to provide the opportunity to use organic products for everyone. Working directly with producers of organic products, we offer affordable prices to the end consumer, because our motto is "Eat Different. Eat BIO.".
Another important priority is our desire to prove and show that organics are not only healthier, but also tastier, because useless and harmful additives are not used in the production, thus the products retain their authentic taste.
Online store biologic.tv
In the Biologic.tv online store, you can buy organic products without leaving your home. We offer a wide range of organic products, which includes food, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, home care products, etc.
In our store you can buy imported organic products, most of which are exclusively represented in Biologic.tv - wines, chocolates, glutenfree products, products for vegetarians and vegans, and other goods

According to C.Exbrayat, Biologic.tv, being not only a long-term investment, is a project that helps Ukraine and its citizens make a qualitative transition to a better life thanks to organic products.