Organyc Baby 100% organic cotton squares, 60 pcs

Organyc Baby 100% organic cotton squares, 60 pcs


Organyc squares made of 100% organic cotton are indicated for cleaning baby’s sensitive skin. The embossed side allows a gentle but deep cleansing. To be used with baby oil or water. Packaging made with renewable raw materials.

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Corman is a manufacturer of Feminine Care Products that are made with 100% cotton and has two major brands — Elyte and Organyc.
The Organyc brand of Corman is devoted to feminine products. The Organyc feminine care line products are made with 100% certified organic cotton, and offer unsurpassed absorbency, giving women both leak protection and sensitive skin protection too.
Corman Products include pads, tampons, panty liners and wipes.

Другие продукты от торговой марки Corman
Manufacturer Corman
Trademark Organyc
Country of trademark registration Italy
Category Baby cosmetics
Quantity 60 pcs.
Certification ICEA

100% organic cotton

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