Biosaurus Organic Pasta for Kids, 200 g

Biosaurus Organic Pasta for Kids, 200 g


Pasta for kids Biosaurus has funny dino shape and does not contain any allergens.

101,00 ₴


McLLOYD'S produces delicious organic snacks for consumers of all ages - from babies to adults.
This Slovakian company works for a junk-food-free world. All the ingredients are certified organic high quality products. Due to their production system this products are free from trans-fats. What you’ll find instead, is fresh organic sunflower oil added after baking to this delicious snacks and chips.

Другие продукты от торговой марки McLLOYD'S
Manufacturer McLLOYD'S
Trademark Biosaurus
Country of trademark registration Slovakia
Category Macaroni products
Weight 200 g
Energy value per 100g / 100ml 1497 kJ / 353 kcal
Storage temperature Room temperature (from +15 tо +20 °C)
Shelf-life 24 months
Certification SK-BIO-002 EU Agriculture

Corn flour*, rice flour*.

* Organic ingredients.

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