Simon Lévelt Green Tea Organic Green Tea, 10 teabags

Simon Lévelt Green Tea Organic Green Tea, 10 teabags


Light, refreshing and fragrant green tea. The leaves are steamed and dried immediately after being picked.

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Simon Lévelt

Simon Lévelt offers the best varieties of coffee and tea of organic quality. Tea and coffee have been the passion of the founders of the company for 200 years, so it is not a surprise that their experience is second to none. But along with the production of quality coffee and tea, one of the goals of the company is to make a positive contribution to the life and health of people, as well as save the environment.

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Manufacturer Simon Lévelt
Trademark Simon Lévelt
Country of trademark registration The Netherlands
Category Tea
Weight 17,5 g
Quantity 10 pcs.
Type Green
Packaging In bags
Storage temperature from +16 °C to +22 °C
Certification NL-BIO-01

Organic green tea

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