White tea 60g unfermented loose organic TOUCH ORGANIC China

White tea 60g unfermented loose organic TOUCH ORGANIC China


Organic white loose tea is sure to please even the most discerning tea connoisseurs. White tea is obtained from the buds and the youngest shoots, the name "white" comes from the thin silvery-white hairs on unopened buds. The taste of white tea is refreshing, tender, but at the same time full, rich in flavors. Color - delicate yellow-peach.

Recommendations for cooking: brew in a clear glass teapot and watch as the tea leaves slowly open in the water, bringing pleasure from contemplation. Optimal water temperature for brewing: 80-85 ° C, infusion time 4-6 minutes.

325,00 ₴


TOUCH ORGANIC is a tea from a HACCP certified organic blend manufacturer of green, white, oolong tea, jasmine and organic herbal teas from China. Tea from TOUCH ORGANIC is above all quality.

Другие продукты от торговой марки TOUCH ORGANIC
Manufacturer TOUCH ORGANIC
Country of trademark registration China
Country of origin China
Category Tea
Weight 60 g
Type White
Packaging Loose tea
Storage temperature from 10 °С to + 25 °С
Certification FR-BIO-01

Ingredients: loose white tea* 100% (Camellia Sinensis). 

Place of growing tea leaves China.

* – Ingredients from organic farming. Organic product.

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