Matcha green tea 100g with bergamot aroma loose organic TOUCH ORGANIC China

Matcha green tea 100g with bergamot aroma unfermented loose organic TOUCH ORGANIC China


Matcha green tea with bergamot aroma is one of the most exquisite teas, it is 100% green tea, which is carefully ground and turned into a powder of deep emerald green color. It is not fermented during production, it does not add dyes, artificial additives or preservatives.

When you use Match tea, you use 100% tea leaf powder, unlike the infusion, when most of the nutrients remain in the leaf.

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TOUCH ORGANIC is a tea from a HACCP certified organic blend manufacturer of green, white, oolong tea, jasmine and organic herbal teas from China. Tea from TOUCH ORGANIC is above all quality.

Другие продукты от торговой марки TOUCH ORGANIC
Manufacturer TOUCH ORGANIC
Country of trademark registration China
Country of origin China
Category Tea
Weight 100 g
Type Green
Packaging Loose tea
Storage temperature from 10 °С to + 25 °С
Certification FR-BIO-01

Ingredients: Matcha green tea* 100% (Camellia Sinensis). 

Place of growing tea leaves China.

* – Ingredients from organic farming. Organic product.

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