Ground strong coffee (Corsican) 100% ARABIC 250g, organic Luce Italy

Ground strong coffee (Corsican) 100% ARABIC 250g, organic Luce Italy


Luce organic strong coffee is an elite brand that includes Arabica varieties harvested from the best plantations of several continents, which are known for their exceptional qualities.

The taste of coffee has a hint of acidity, persistence with luxurious pleasant hints of fruit. This strong drink is created for those who appreciate the exquisite coffee taste and unsurpassed aroma.

275,00 ₴


The manufacturer of this TM has been specializing in the production and sale of fruits and vegetables for many years. Careful quality control, use of many years of experience - this is what distinguishes this manufacturer.

Другие продукты от торговой марки LUCE
Manufacturer LUCE
Trademark LUCE
Country of trademark registration Italy
Country of origin France
Category Coffee
Weight 250 g
Type Ground
Storage temperature from +16 °C to +24 °C
Certification FR-BIO-01

Ingredients: 100% Arabica organic coffee *.

* – Ingredients from organic farming.

Organic product.

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