Golden Parmen Organic Apple and Black Currant Juice, 3 L

Golden Parmen Organic Apple and Black Currant Juice, Directly Expressed, Unclarified, Pasteurised, 3 L


Organic apple and black currant juice from TM Golden Parmen is a 100% natural unclarified juice of direct extraction without any additives. It is made from dessert varieties of apples and ripe black currants grown on the farm of the manufacturer. The juice has a rich taste, colour and aroma. The unique technology of low-temperature pasteurization preserves all the useful properties of the product.
Juice is vacuum-packed in a Bag-in-Box, which is equipped with a dispenser tap. Thanks to the dispenser, air does not get into the packaging, which allows to save all the properties of the juice after opening and consume it in 20 days. Convenient packaging is suitable for picnics or any event.

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Золотий Пармен

Golden Parmen Organic FE Agriculture was created in 2005 in the field of horticulture, cultivation and processing of cereal crops. The farm differs from the traditional one in the absence of the use of chemical and mineral fertilizers, chemical plant protection products - herbicides, pesticides, etc. The main goal is to develop an honest and natural product, to promote healthy nutrition among Ukrainians. This products are for conscious people who understand the value of health. For those who care about their family, and who care about what their children eat.

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Trademark Golden Parmen
Country of trademark registration Ukraine
Country of origin Ukraine
Category Juices
Volume 3 L
Taste Apple-black currant
Energy value per 100g / 100ml 159 kJ / 38 kcal
Storage temperature from 0 °C to +24 °C
Shelf-life 24 months
Certification UA-BIO-108

Organic apple juice (90%), organic black currant juice (10%).

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